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Power Plumber is the environmentally correct and fast solution when it comes to all types of blocked drains. The product can clean all types of clogged or slow-flowing drains in a few seconds without the use of acid or other harsh chemicals and is therefore harmless to all types of pipes. Power Plumber contains a gas that expands on contact with water. This causes a form of ”waves” to form in the drain, which simply put: "Flushes" the drain clean for up to 20 meters. Even heavily clogged pipes with large amounts of hair, paper, soap, grease and residues of food are quickly cleaned again.


Place the Power Plumber in the clogged sink or drain/toilet and fill up with water, so the cap is covered with water or fill water directly into the cap. Press for 1-2 seconds and repeat the process if necessary. When using Power Plumber in a sink: Block overflow with a rag or sponge and hold firmly in place. (Double sinks: place plug, rag or sponge in second sink and hold). For blockage in floor drains and toilets, use the Special Plunger Adapter.

NOTE: If the blockage has NOT disappeared after the 3rd attempt - call for plumbing assistance. Do not use in clogged pipes with residues of acid or other strong chemicals, as splashes from this can corrode skin/eyes. Be careful with nearby drains, as the pressure may push water up at these.

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